Baptists’ Bible: Inaugural Volume

Thanks to Mikeal Parsons for sending me news of the first volume in what promises to be a fascinating series.  The Baptists' Bible series is an attempt to describe aspects of the history of Baptist engagement with and interpretation of Scripture: a denominationally focussed reception history if you will.  The first volume was released last week at the 400th anniversary celebrations of the beginnings of the Baptist movement in Amsterdam and is entitled The Acts of the Apostles: Four Centuries of Baptist Interpretation.  It is edited by Mikeal and published by Baylor University Press.  My own view is that Baptists ought to have a mildly sceptical view of Acts, not least its 'early-catholic' tendencies (and yes I know that the concept is outdated, but I still think that those Germans had a point).  The more recent Baptist reading in the UK is perhaps better characterized as a myth of origins, as if Acts tells us what the New Testament church was really like, and therefore what the church today should be really like.  I am equally suspicious of that strategy.

Anyway, congratulations to Mikeal and Baylor for launching what promises to be a fascinating series of volumes.