Some Good Things While I Have Been Away

I am now back in Melbourne after a good trip back to the UK seeing friends and family.  I am back at my desk on Monday, but for now, here are some of the good things that came in to my Google Reader while I was away:

Especially pertinent for my present work situation (where all sorts of stuff is being reviewed) is Ben's post, incorporating comments from Geoff Thompson, on the importance of research in a Theology Faculty.

Ben also draws attention to a new volume on the theological dimensions of Bonhoeffer's poetry.  Note also that the latest volume in the DBW series by Fortress is now published, it covers the years that Bonhoeffer spent in Berlin as Lecturer in the Faculty there.  That will be coming home in my SBL suitcase.

Jason summarizes and contributes to a thread on the relationship between baptism and ordination.

Loren gives a lengthy review of Campbell's The Deliverance of God.  My own reviewing of the book will continue after next week.

Mary Beard's account of a recent debate over the 'value' of humanities research offers a glimpse into the current state of research funding in the UK tertiary system.  It can be read as a useful backdrop to the recent decision at the University of Sheffield to cut undergraduate teaching in Biblical Studies (on which more next week when I have had a chance to write a letter to the Vice Chancellor), but for now see the Website.

A forthcoming book on Paul authored by…wait for it…Milbank, Pickstock, Zizek (can't be bothered to find the accents) and Davis.

A wonderful prayer by Martin Wroe which confirms what I always suspected, namely that the story of Elijah in the cave nowhere states that God is in the still, small, voice, and that the sermons that use it to support that idea are mistaken (Elijah has to come out of the cave before God speaks). (HT Geoff Colmer, who has good things to say about atonal music).