Fellowship of Biblical Studies Meeting: November 2009

Last night I attended the November meeting for the Fellowship of Biblical Studies, based here in Melbourne but now with a growing Sydney 'chapter' – see the link for information about the society and its Journal, the Australian Biblical Review.

As well as holding the AGM we listened to a paper by Brian Boyle, this year's President of the Society, entitled: 'The role of the <Nasi> in Ezekiel's Vision of the New Temple (Ezekiel 40-48)'.  This was obviously a part of a larger study that Brian is involved in, exploring notions of sacred space in Ezekiel, and it introduced me to a whole aspect of Ezekiel that I was pretty much unaware of. The discussion really revolved around the implications of the fact that the Temple and City that Ezekiel envisages in these last chapters are impossible to build, and should not be equated with Jerusalem (which as Brian pointed out is basically a 'graveyard' for the prophet). Therefore notions of the role of proto-apocalyptic visions in relation to the community were the focus of discussion. It was a good, if rather long evening.