Interpretation and its Consequences: A Quotation and a Picture

The quotation is from Walter Brueggemann (courtesy of Kent Eilers over at Theology Forum)

The Bible is inherently the live Word of God that addresses us concerning the character and will of the gospel-giving God, empowering us to an alternative life in the world…Given inherency…the Bible is endlessly a surprise beyond us…

The Bible is not a fixed, frozen, readily exhausted read; it is rather a “script” always reread, through which the Spirit makes new…Nobody makes the final read; nobody’s read is final or inerrant, precisely because the Key Character in the book who creates, redeems, and consummates is always beyond us in holy hiddenness” (Walter Brueggemann, Struggling with Scripture (2002), pp. 11, 12, 13)

The picture  (via Halden at Inhabitatio Dei and a number of others) encapsulates the practical consequences of Brueggemann's statement: