SBL: The Highlights Post

This excludes anything relating to the sessions I attended, of which more anon. In no particular order my highlights were

1.  Having a room of my own.

2.  Meeting new friends on the Graduate Programme at the University of Chicago, and meeting Margaret Mitchell.

3.  Walking around the French Quarter: music, food, wine, and a few less savoury establishments.

4.  On the subject of which: today as I walked down Bourbon Street a woman (Australians would say she was spruiking) stepped in front of me and said "Hello sir, we have some lovely young gir…Oh, I see you are with the Bible conference. You keep walking and have a nice day." (she had clocked the blue bag over my shoulder).

5.  Meeting up with friends I hadn't expected to see: Brad Braxton and Darrell Gwaltney.

6.  Meeting new people that I had planned to introduce myself to, especially Leander Keck and Beverley Gaventa and towering above them all, Jim West and Chris Tilling.

7.  Meeting old friends from the UK, not least at the Sheffield Reception which was by far and away the most fun of all the receptions I went to (and I went to a few).

8. Chatting with Tom Wright about his work at the Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton, with interesting information about the likely shape and contents of the forthcoming Vol 4, Paul, book.

9.  Books: as usual, I am loaded down with purchases. This year, the following volumes came home with me:

Aland's English Synopsis – picked up for $10 on Tuesday morning

Tom Wright – Justification

Frank Matera (NTL) and Jan Lambrecht (Sacra Pagina) commentaries on 2 Corinthians

T. F. Torrance – Atonement

Peter Oakes, Reading Romans in Pompeii: Paul's Letter at Ground Level

Peter Leithart, Deep Exegesis

Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, Mark's Jesus: Narrative Christology in Mark

Ben Witherington, Volume 1 of his NT Ethical Theology (only, I repeat, only because I am teaching NT ethics next year)

Jon Levison, Filled with the Spirit – which looks fascinating.

Everett Fergusson, Baptism in the First Five Centuries

Serene Jones, on theology and trauma

All in all a good conference.  I will post some information and reflections on my participation in the 2 Corinthians seminar, Tom Wright's lecture on his new book on Justification and the panel discussion of The Deliverance of God, all in due course.