Conversations: E-Journal, Volume 3, no.2 now online

I am slightly behind with notifications of the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania's E-Journal: Conversations.

The contents of the September issue, including a sermon and brief article on theological education by yours truly, are as follows:

Music – a gift of God for the people of God – Peter Blackwood (Peer reviewed)

40th Anniversary of the United Faculty of Theology

United Faculty of Theology was formed in May 1969, and celebrations
were held this year to mark the 40th anniversary of this ecumenical
institution. In the United Faculty Uniting Church, Anglican and Jesuit
scholars and students work together, with others who join them, in the
common enterprise of theological education. The reflections below are
from teachers, students and former students of the UFT.

Andrew is a member of the faculty of the Jesuit Theological College.

Randall is Principal of the Uniting Church Theological College.

is an Archdeacon in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and priest at St
James the Great Anglican Church at Thornbury who studied at the UFT.  

Esther is an independent student at the UFT.

Grace is a theological student associated with trinity College within the UFT.

Lauren is an exit candidate with the Uniting Church studying within the UFT.

Sean is Professor of New Testament within the Uniting Church Theological College.

And as a supplement to the above we include a discussion a paper
presented to the Victorian Association of Theological Field Education: 
The Integration of Theology and Ministry in Theological Education: Some Reflections – Sean Winter