New Online Reviews Journal: Regent’s Reviews

For several years Regent's Park College in Oxford ran an annual book club. As a part of the subscription fee the College also provided a regular review journal entitled Regent's Reviews. The book club has now gone the way of all flesh, but thanks to Andy Goodliff and Matthew Tennant the journal can now reach a wider audience via its re-launched online version.

This is the blurb for the new version:

This first edition of the relaunched Regent's Reviews takes it cue from
the 400th year of Baptist people with a particular focus on books
written by Baptists or reviewed by Baptists. In recent years there has
been a growth in books published by Baptist theologians, and as the
contents of this edition shows Baptists are writing on a wide range of
topics from ecclesiology, spirituality, disability, science and
systematic theology.

It can be downloaded here.