Melbourne Institute for Spiritual Studies: 2010 Programme

I am due to speak at the Institute for Spiritual Studies in September this year, and have just sent off the abstract:

Ambassadors for Christ: Mission and Ministry in the
New Creation in 2 Corinthians 5.

2 Corinthians 5 is one of the most profound
and important chapters that Paul ever wrote. Through close attention to the
dynamics of the text, we will explore the way in which Paul locates the mission
and ministry of the church and its ministers in the context of God’s act of new
creation. The connection between Paul’s apocalyptic convictions and the
designation of the Christian community as ‘ambassadors for Christ’ will be a
key theme. The implications of this vision for the church’s self-understanding
in the contemporary context and the spirituality that in turn sustains the
vision will also be considered.

The full programme for the Institute can be found here.  Other highlights include Peter Carnley and Gerald O'Collins on the local and universal church; my colleagues at Trinity College holding a  day conference on 'Is Scripture Enough?';  Paula Gooder on Paul and Mysticism and William Countryman on The Church: Power and Sex.