Barth’s Dogmatics: A Bargain

My friend Fernando suggested that I should also make sure I included details of this bargain.

Apparently Hendrickson Press have managed to secure the rights to reprint the 'old' T & T Clark edition of the Dogmatics and are issuing it in hardback. It is being advertised here at the unbelievable price of $99 (US).

I got my own set of the CD only a couple of years ago, from a dead minister's library for about the same amount. I confess that I have never even contemplated the new edition not least because the only added value seems to me to be translations of the non-English citations, which is not worth the trade-in of a hardback edition for a paperback.

So, I see no scholarly reason why one should cite from the new rather than the old edition, and as a result, if you have never read Barth properly and always wondered what all the fuss is about, you can now do it at an affordable price. NB. – this post is of particular relevance to UCTC students.