New Mohr-Siebeck Journal: Early Christianity

HT to Andy.  The first issue of the new Mohr-Siebeck journal Early Christianity is available for download. The focus of the issue is 'New Directions in Pauline Theology'. Contents are as follows

Michael Wolter
Die Entwicklung des paulinischen Christentums von einer
Bekehrungsreligion zu einer Traditionsreligion 15–40

Judith M. Lieu
“As much my apostle as Christ is mine”: The dispute over Paul between
Tertullian and Marcion 41–59

Matthias Konradt
Die Christonomie der Freiheit. Zu Paulus’ Entfaltung seines ethischen
Ansatzes in Gal 5,13-6,10 60–81

John M.G. Barclay
“I will have mercy on whom I have mercy”: The Golden Calf and Divine
Mercy in Romans 9-11 and Second Temple Judaism 82–106

Jonathan A. Linebaugh
Debating Diagonal Δικαιοσύνη: The Epistle of Enoch and Paul in
Theological Conversation 107–128

New Discoveries
Peter Arzt-Grabner, Neues zu Paulus aus den Papyri des römischen
Alltags 131–157

Claire Clivaz, A New NT Papyrus: 126 (PSI 1497) 158–162

New Books

Robert Jewett, Romans (Mark Reasoner) 165–174

Martin Vahrenhorst, Kultische Sprache in den Paulusbriefen (Martin
Meiser) 174–179

Douglas Campbell, The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading
of Justification in Paul (Francis Watson) 179–185
New Projects

Rainer Hirsch-Luipold, Ratio Religionis. Religiöse Philosophie und
philosophische Religion in der frühen Kaiserzeit 189–191
From the  Editorial Manifesto

Note especially Watson's review of Campbell (which is in the nick of time for my own paper on the book to be finished for next week).