What Do We Know About T. F. Glasson?

The name of New Testament scholar, T. Francis Glasson is known to me because I see it in footnotes. I think I was vaguely aware of the fact that he held minority views on the meaning and purpose of apocalyptic and eschatological traditions in relation to NT texts. But it was only the other day that I read something by him: a small article entitled 'What is Apocalyptic?' published in New Testament Studies 27 (1980), 98-104. It is the kind of article that I am just not sure would ever get published these days, possessing, as it does, the sense that the author is just having a bit of a rant on their favourite hobby horse. Here are some excerpts:

On the repeated inclusion of the Psalms of Solomon in discussions of apocalyptic literature: 'It seems that because certain German scholars made an error in the nineteenth century we are fated to keep repeating their mistnke to the end of time.' (99)

On banishing the word 'apocalyptic': 'But the current use of the noun Apocalyptic is so vague and confusing that years ago I came to the conclusion that it was best to drop the term. For about twenty years I have tried to avoid it; I have not suffered the slightest inconverience and have found no difficulty in expressing myself.' (99)

'This is a useless word which no one can define and which produces nothing but confusion and acres of verbiage.' (105)

On the notion of 'apocalypticism': As far as the word 'Apocalypticism' is concerned, it apparently means the same as Apocalyptic, the only effect of the extra letters throughout the book being to use more space and printing materials.' (102)

Fun stuff, but what puzzled me was that, other than a list of references to books and articles by Glasson, I could find out nothing else about him. Can anyone direct me to some additional information about this most curmudgeonly of NT scholars?