New Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters

When we moved to Australia I made the decision to cancel all of my personal journal subscriptions (NTS; JSNT; JBL and one or two others) in view of the fact that all would be available electronically from the Dalton-McCaughey Library. I miss receiving journals in hard copy though, and regret that the extended runs on my shelves have come to an abrupt halt (I have NTS going back to 1979 having bought up George Boobyer's copies just after he died …one of these days I must post about George Boobyer).

However, as many of you will be aware, Eisenbraun's have just announced a new journal that is so clearly relevant to my research, so fairly priced and, moreover, edited by fellow bloggers Mike Bird and Nijay Gupta that my self-imposed refusal of journal subscriptions can now be considered over.

Go here for more details, including a free download of the inaugural issue (with an excellent article by Susan Eastman pn Philippians 2.5-11).

Congratulations to Mike, Jim and others for taking this initiative. I wish JSPL well.