Baptists and the Bible: Call for Papers

27-29 June, 2011
The Bible and Baptists
Readers, Teachers and Preachers
2011 is the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James
Authorised Version of the Bible.  Such an anniversary provides an
excellent opportunity for reflection on the place of the Bible among
Baptists.  How have we and do we interact with the text of the Bible as
‘lay’ readers, professional teachers and preachers?  Papers are invited that
explore this theme historically, theologically and pastorally, or provide
examples of how Baptists are currently undertaking any or all of these
tasks.  The audience at the Forum will hopefully include not only those
engaged in theological study, teaching and ministry, but also thoughtful
Christians ready to participate along side the ‘professionals’.
Keynote speakers will be Professor Sean Winter, graduate of Bristol
Baptist College and Professor of New Testament at the Uniting Church
Theological College, Parkville, Victoria; and Dr George Wieland lecturer
in Biblical Studies, Mission and Cross-cultural Field Education at Carey
Baptist Theological College, NZ,.  We are also negotiating to have an
academic from Asia present at the Forum.  It is proposed that a book of
papers from the Forum will be published as the third ABRF publication. 
Presentations at the Forum will be no more than 20 minutes long with 5
minutes question time.  Final papers should be no more than 5000 words
including footnotes and written for thoughtful Christians.
Abstracts due:     15 March, 2011
Confirmation of Papers Accepted:  31 March, 2011
Final Papers Due:    3 June, 2011
For further information, or to submit abstracts please contact
Dr Graeme Chatfield
Suite 4 Level 6, 51 Druitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, 
Phone: 02 92627890
The Australasian Baptist Research Forum is to be held in conjunction with the
2011 Whitley College School of Ministry
Whitley College, Melbourne.