Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society (1908–1921): Now Available Online

News has come through from the indefatigable Rob Bradshaw with information that the Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society volumes from 1908–1921 are now available online at Rob's site Click here to be taken through to the links to individual articles, but note also that at the top of the page Rob has put all of the material into a .zip file containing all of the .pdfs and an index. You can download the large (65MB) file by clicking here. Perfect content for your new IPad2

The material gathered in these volumes is invaluable to Baptist historians and theologians. Rob is to be congratulated on completing the first stage in a project which will also see the digitization of subsequent volumes of what, after 1921, became the Baptist Quarterly. The Transactions series contain numerous important articles, including editions of early 17th and 18th century course material. This is all now easily to hand for researchers. Thank you Rob.