UK Bound

I am fully aware that the few people who used to read this, probably do so no longer, and can only hope that I am still included in a few feed reader subscription lists.

I fly with the kids to the UK early tomorrow morning, with Katherine flying over to join us in a few days. It had initially been for a 3 week trip. However the past few months have been something of a nightmare for us, as we have 'interacted' with the Department of Immigration here in Oz over the status of our visas. The details aren't relevant, but the outcome is interesting. It has become clear that we are best served by staying in the UK while we apply for Permanent Residency offshore. This means that the initial 3 week visit may well turn into a period of some months.

Full details – especially those relating to where we will be living – are yet to be confirmed. The Uniting Church Synod that emplys me and the Centre for Theology and Ministry where I work, have been wonderfully supportive as we have made our way to this decision in the past 10 days or so. They will continue to employ me to fulfil as many of my responsibilities as I can from a distance (teaching online; research supervision; editing Pacifica etc), and the rest of the time will be a down-payment on the research leave I was due to take next year.

So we hope to be seeing more of UK friends and colleagues over the next couple of months. If anyone knows of a manse or other forms of family accommodation that might be empty between September and December, then we would be pleased to hear of it. Although we are looking forward to being in the UK for a longer period – the strong intention is to prepare for return to Melbourne. Perhaps I should re-title the blog Sean the Baptist (in the UCA [in the UK for a little while]).