Italy Here We Come

I am still here in London at the ISBL. Last night I attended the meal formerly known as the bibliobloggers dinner (most people there had blogged at one time or another but that is about it). But there were lots of people.

Scenary from study windowThe news overnight is that we have found accommodation for the coming months; not in the UK but in Italy in a town called Offida in the Marche. Plans for an extended stay in Italy had already been pencilled in for my research leave next year, but we have been able to bring these forwards. Basically we have a rural retreat in a small town, with space to write, work and hopefully improve our Italian. I am reluctant to invoke excessive levels of jealousy, but the picture is the view from the study window of the property we will be using.  From here I will still be able to make it over to BNTC in September (hopefully) and SBL in San Francisco.  Thanks to those of you who offered other suggestions, but it looks lke we are set. All we need now is a car and a successful transition.