Ferdinand Christian Baur

I have just started reading Peter Watson's impressive looking The German Genius and then today came up against an early assessment of F. C. Baur, who along with Schweitzer and Bultmann is the pre WW2 German Neutestamentler that everyone working in NT should have read.

"Ferdinand Christian Baur is indeed one of the most eminent representatives of the intellectual nobility of Germany. What he lacks when compared with his rivals, is abandonment, fire, personal sympathy. He resembled Schleiermacher in nothing."

F. Lichtenberger, History of German Theology in the Nineteenth Century (trans. and ed. by W. Hastie; Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1889), 379–380.

As with Bultmann, Baur is as important for the questions he asks of the New Testament as for the answers he provides. Not sure he was up for a beer after the weekly Tübingen NT Seminar though.