The One Poet I Know

I see Paul MItchell pretty often. We both sit around a table with mutual friends every week or so, to eat and drink and talk and pray. Paul writes for a living, and like any writer could do with selling a book or two every now and again.

So it is great to see that Eureka Street published five of his poems on Monday. Jason has already put up the poem that I would also choose as my favourite from these five.

for Aung San Suu Kyi

Blessed are those who watched
with stormcloud eyes
the ground open to swallow them
while fork-tongue drivers
drove whipcrack highways
on luxury serpents. Blessed
are those run down & flattened
fang-holed & spat on
for good measure of the trade index.
Blessed, those daughters set on high wires
to balance dollar signs, while bored crowds
jeered for another fall in interest rates. Blessed
too those with empty chests, soles ripped
from their shoes, fed to dogs. But most blessed
are those who stole the hound scraps
nailed them to their feet
& kept on marching.

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