My Paper for the FBS Conference: ‘Dung as Idolatry’ (Philippians 3:8)

As I noted yesterday, the Fellowship for Biblical Studies Conference is taking place here in Melbourne on September 24–25. I am giving a paper. The details as as follows:

Dung as Idolatry: The Meaning of skubala in
Philippians 3:8

Why does Paul choose the term skubala by way of retrospective assessment of his former ‘gains’ in
Judaism (Philippians 3:8)? This paper proposes a new interpretation by
exploring the relationship in certain Jewish texts between ‘dung’ (the most
likely translation of Paul’s term) and idolatry. It will be argued that the
rhetorical construal of these former ‘gains’ as idolatry is consistent with the
polemical and rhetorical strategy of the surrounding material in Philippians 3.
Now that Paul has gained Christ, all other forms of allegiance or achievement
are deemed idolatrous. The paper ends with some suggestions as to how this
reading of Philippians 3 contributes to wider debates about Paul’s
understanding of Judaism.