New Book: Tim Bulkley’s, Not Only a Father

I am happy to join in those voices that welcome the publication of Tim Bulkley's new book Not Only a Father: Talk of God as Mother in the Bible and Christian Tradition.

Tim's work is to be welcomed for two main reasons. First, the content. The book offers a clear and sustained case in support of the appropriateness of the use of maternal imagery and mother language in our descriptions and naming of God. That case is grounded in a comprehensive demonstration that such language is both biblical and traditional. It is directed towards appropriate reform in liturgical and spiritual practice whereby we are enabled to 'know God in motherliness'. Tim recognizes the provisionality of all God-talk, but understands that God-talk must always be shaped by the witness of Scripture and tradition. That witness makes the naming of God as mother a necessary aspect of our talk about God.

You may already agree with this idea, but on different grounds. You may react strongly against it. And that brings us to the second important feature of the book. You could buy it in print (SIGNS: Archer Theological Monographs; Auckland: Archer Press, 2011) and the link is here. But the author has also made the book available online, and the online version provides opportunity for you to comment on what you are reading; to be part of a conversation about the book's detailed content and overall argument. You will find the link here.

So this is a bold initiative in the world of theological publishing/ Go and take a look. If you like what you read, then say so. if you don't, then post a comment. And if you think the book might be useful for your ongoing study, teaching or research, then buy a copy.