Durham PhD Studentship: The Fourfold Gospel and its Rivals

This from Francis Watson via the the British New Testament Conference mailing list:

AHRC-funded project on “The Fourfold Gospel and its Rivals” has a PhD
studentship attached that will provide three years worth of home fees
(or equivalent) and living expenses in 2013-16. The double focus of the
project is on early Christian gospels (canonical and noncanonical) and
on gospel reception in the patristic era, which should cater for
applicants wishing to work primarily in the New Testament field or in
patristics – although some overlap would be likely. I’d be most grateful
if colleagues would draw this opening to the attention of current or
recent students who may be interested in pursuing a PhD in this area. The following suggestions illustrate the kind of PhD topic that would fit the terms of the proj
ect, but many others are equally possible: (1) The Protevangelium of James in its relationship to Matthew and Luke, and its later historical and theological significance. (2) Patristic views on gospel origins, from Papias to Augustine. (3) The relationship between selected “gnostic” gospels (e.g. Mary, Judas, Philip, etc.) and the canonical ones. (4) The construction and purpose of either Marcion’s Luke or Tatian’s Diatessaron. (5) Revelatory discourse in John 14-16 and selected “gnostic” gospels. (6) The role of writing in the transmission of the early Jesus tradition: how far back does it go? (7) Tradition, reception, and the “historical Jesus”. (8) Factors involved in the construction of the four-gospel collection. (9) The hermeneutical significance of the four gospel collection. (10) Public responses to publication of newly discovered gospel literature, c.1890-2012.
Applicants should have a good first degree in theology/religious
studies, a completed or a current MA, and experience in the study of the
Greek New Testament. Applications will be submitted in the normal way
(for which see the Durham Department of Theology and Religion website),
specifying the AHRC project studentship. A detailed research proposal
will not be essential, although it may be an advantage. Preliminary
enquiries may be addressed to Prof Francis Watson
(francis.watson@dur.ac.uk). The closing date for applications for this
position will be Monday, 25 February 2013, and the successful applicant
will be notified in early March.