Forthcoming Volume on Grace

The manuscript went off to the publisher last week. So I am delighted to suggest that you keep your eyes peeled for "Immense, Unfathomed, Unconfined": The Grace of God in Creation, Church and Community (Melbourne: Mosaic Press, 2013). The volume is a collection of essays exploring different aspects of the theme of grace in biblica, theological and Methodist traditions, all in honour of Professor Emeritus Norman Young. The papers were initially given at a Conference for Norman held here in November 2010. I have been the Editor, and have an essay on 2 Corinthians 8–9 in the volume.  The full table of contents is as follows:

Table of Contents


on Contributors

The Biblical Witness to the Grace of God

Chapter 1        Suzanne

‘Is the Priestly
Creation Theology Relevant for the Church Today?: An Exercise in Old Testament

Chapter 2        Randall
, Principal, Uniting Church
Theological College Melbourne

‘The grace of
God and a new humanity: the gospel of Luke and the redefinition / recovery of
pastoral ministry’

Chapter 3        Sean
Winter, Professor of New Testament, Uniting Church Theological College,

‘Paul’s “Grace”
Language in 2 Corinthians’

Chapter 4        Neil

‘St Paul and a
New Ecumenism’

Theological Perspectives on the Grace of God

Chapter 5        Gerald
O’Collins SJ, Honorary Research Fellow, Melbourne College of Divinity

‘Easter Grace

Chapter 6        Chris
Mostert, Professor of Systematic Theology, Uniting Church Theological College,
Melbourne and Janette Gray, Jesuit Theological College Melbourne

‘Grace in Two
Theological Traditions’

Chapter 7        Geoff

Not Quite Unconfined?
Rahner and Barth Halt at apokatastasis

Chapter 8        Wes Campbell, Uniting
Church Chaplain, University of Melbourne

‘The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the Preamble, paragraph 3’, 

Chapter 9        Clive

‘Divine Grace and Creation Care’

Chapter 10      Clifford Hospital, Professor Emeritus of
Comparative Religion, Queen’s Theological College, Kingston Ontario

‘The idea of the Lord's grace in the Shrivaishnava

The Grace of God in
the Methodist Tradition

Chapter 11      Geoffrey

‘Divine Disproportion
and Poetic Paradoxes: Charles Wesley at Chalcedon’

Chapter 12      Tim Macquiban, Superintendent Minister of
the Cambridge Methodist Circuit and Minister of Wesley Methodist Church,

 “Names, and sects, and parties fall…” : The Wesleys’ Practice of
Intra-Faith Love

Chapter 13      Tik Wah Wong

Responsible Grace,
Responsible Stewardship

Chapter 14      Glen O’Brien

Christian Perfection and Australian Methodism

Chapter 15      Bruce
Barber, Former Dean of the United Faculty of Theology, Melbourne

Unlocking Truth,
Unsealing the Book: Three Illustrations of Charles Wesley’s Creative

Chapter 16      Ian
Breward, Professor Emeritus: Church History, Uniting Church Theological
College, Melbourne

Charles Wesley's Eucharistic Hymns

Chapter 17      D’Arcy

Assurance of
Faith:  the Holy Spirit in the hymns of
Charles Wesley

The Grace of God
and the Life of Grace

Chapter 18      Theodore
Runyon, Emeritus Professor, Candler School of Theology

‘The Earth as
the First Sacrament’

Chapter 19      Brian
Howe, Professorial Fellow: Social and Political Science, University of

Through Life
Faith, An Important Theme for The Uniting Church

Chapter 20      Beverley Campbell, Sanderson Research
Fellow, Centre for Theology and Ministry, Melbourne

The call to the middle ground: ordination in
the Uniting Church

Chapter 21      John Smith, Minister, North Melbourne
Uniting Church

Grace and Grumbling,
With Reference to the Rule of St. Benedict 

Chapter 22      Katharine Massam, Professor of Church
History, Uniting Church Theological College, Melbourne

Work in the Life
of Grace

The Life of Grace: Personal Reflections

Chapter 23      Nigel Watson, Professor Emeritus: New
Testament, Uniting Church Theological College, Melbourne

Boundlessness of God’s Grace in the Hymns of Charles Wesley and in the Bible 

24      Sandy Yule,

Memories of
Norman Young as a Theological Teacher: A Dialogue 

Chapter 25      Norman Young, Professor Emeritus, Uniting
Church Theological College, Melbourne

Reflections on a
Theological Journey

of the Works of Norman Young