SNTS in Perth: 23–27 July 2013

The Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas is holding its annual meeting this year in Perth, Western Australia. I had been planning to go anyway (as a guest of a colleague; I am not a member of SNTS), but received an email last week inviting me to give a paper, which suggests that perhaps not too many people are making the journey down from Europe or the USA. It will be interesting to participate in an SNTS conference for the first time, and it seems that Australian NT scholars are well represented on the programme.

My paper will be in the following seminar: Reconsidering Literarkritik of the Pauline Letters and its Impact on their Interpretation
Conveners: Prof E-M. Becker and Prof. R. Bieringer. I know Professor Bieringer from working with the SBL Second Corinthians seminar over the past few years. The paper is really an excuse to stop sitting on the fence on the questions of the (dis)unity of 2 Corinthians. The title is below.

Wed: Geoffrey Dunn (Brisband): "The Letter 'Credebamus post' from Boniface I or Leo I?"

Thu: Ma. Marilou Ibita (Leuven/Manila): “The Unity of
Paul’s Narrative World in 2 Corinthians 1-7: N. Petersen's
Narrative-Critical Approach and the Coherence of 2 Corinthians”

Fri: Sean Winter (Melbourne): “Re-framing the Unity Debate: The Rhetorical Situation of Canonical 2 Corinthians”

It would be good to hear who else is coming to Perth from the other side of the world: both British and American colleagues and friends. Perth is a good city in which to spend a few days. If anyone fancied sticking a few extra days onto the end of the conference and heading down to Margaret River to taste some wine, then I would be pleased to hear from you!

Because of SNTS, a number of NT scholars will be passing through Melbourne in the weeks before and after. Harry Attridge of Yale is already here, working in the Dalton McCaughey Library. News of other NT events, seminars and conferences in July/August as they are confirmed.