N. T. Wright to Visit Melbourne: July 2013

screen-shot-2013-04-28-at-4-55-46-amMy first ever blog post concerned Tom Wright’s tea drinking habits (the post, and that blog are now long lost). So perhaps it is fitting that this new blog should begin with information about Tom Wright’s visit to Melbourne in July. Mike Bird has the details here. I will be involved in two of the events: as a respondent to Tom at the day conference on Paul and the Faithfulness of God on Wednesday 17th July (to register for this event click here); and as someone involved in the Centre for Theology and Ministry’s “Wisdom’s Feast” Conference which will be running from 19–22 July (registration for this will be live very soon, and I will post details here).

Tom’s visit to Melbourne is taking place prior to the SNTS Conference in Perth the following week. So the only public events will be those listed in Mike’s post. For those interested to hear Tom on Paul, the Wednesday day conference is the one to go for. Uniting Church colleagues will have the chance to hear Tom at Wisdom’s Feast where he will be speaking on the Friday and Saturday. If you are more closely associated with Ridley College, then the day conference on the Tuesday may be the best option. Places will be limited for all three events, so make sure you register in good time.