Grace Book now Published

orig_1365488206The volume of essays in honour of Emeritus Professor Norman Young which I edited is finally available for purchase from Mosaic Resources here. Here is the blurb:

Sean Winter (ed.), Immense, Unfathomed, Unconfined: The Grace of God in Creation, Church and Community: Essays in Honour of Norman Young (Melbourne: Uniting Academic Press, 2013)

The essays in this volume offer a range of perspectives on the theme of grace.

Drawing on the best of contemporary biblical, historical and theological scholarship, the contributors consider the role played by the theme of grace in the Christian tradition, its importance and some implications for today. A number of essays pay special attention to the significance of the theme of grace within Methodism.

As a whole, the volume testifies to the diverse ways in which divine grace enables and shapes patterns of graceful living in the world. Topics covered include

Pauline perspectives on grace

the theme of grace in Wesleyan hymnody
grace in the theology of Barth, Rahner and de Lubac
the relationship between Christian understandings of grace, universalism and other religious traditions
the implications of grace for understanding creation care, ministry practice, spirituality and work.

Together, the essays honour the life and ministry of Emeritus Professor Norman Young, whose own theological work has been devoted to exploring the ‘mystery… which we discern as the way of grace’ and who offers an account of his own theological journey within the volume’s concluding personal reflections.

The book will be launched as a part of the Wisdom’s Feast conference on Friday July 19th at 5.30 p.m.

n.b.: the book is not to be confused with this volume (now out of print). At the moment it is only available from Mosaic, via the link above.