Addressing the Sacred through Literature and the Arts: ACU Conference

News of a forthcoming event at Australian Catholic University

Addressing the Sacred through Literature and the Arts 2013

Friday 2 August – Saturday 3 August 2013

Australian Catholic University

25A Barker Road, Strathfield NSW 2135

An Invitation:

You are invited to attend ‘Addressing the Sacred through Literature and the Arts’, the second conference presented by The Sacred in Literature and the Arts (SLA), a community of interest that aims to bring Australian and international writers, artists, musicians, academics, religious and members of the public together for a fruitful dialogue about the interplay between the arts and the sacred. 

Definitions of the sacred extend from the narrow to the broad, from referring exclusively to a deity or religious ceremony to describing that mystery which is at the core of existence and has the power to transform our understanding of life. It is both a technical term used in the scholarly study of religion and a popular term used to describe something that is worthy of respect.

As artists we can explore our own sense of the sacred through our artwork. As audiences we can seek traces of the sacred in works of art. Through the act of interpretation we become co-creators, though what we perceive as the sacred may be far from that which inspired the original artist.

The conference will address acts of creation and co-creation and encourage a dialogue between artists, scholars and audiences in a mutual exploration of the sacred. At its heart is the idea that the sacred enables us to move beyond a utilitarian understanding of the world and infuses our everyday life with mystery.

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