Bonhoeffer Bits and Pieces

A small constellation of Bonhoeffer related information has gathered over the past few weeks and months.

1. First, and foremost (and the prompt for posting) the wonderful people over at Accordance Bible Software have managed to negotiate with Fortress press to secure electronic rights to the complete Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works in English series; all 16 volumes. This fantastic and fantastically annoying for those of us who have collected the print volumes as they have appeared. The key benefit is, of course, that of full searchability. Perhaps it will persuade some systematic theologians to buy Accordance. That would be a very good thing. It may well be attractive enough to persuade me to double up on my DBWE editions. There is a special introductory price of $399.99 over at the Accordance Store now, so check it out.

2. Jim Gordon has a useful and helpful initial review of the controversial new book on Bonhoeffer’s (non)participation in the German resistance, Bonhoeffer the Assassin.

3. Two Bonhoeffer intensive courses are running here in Melbourne within a few weeks and a few hundred yards of each other. Keith Clements will be teaching at Whitley College (note, the link is to a .pdf) from 10–21 February and Stephen Plant will join Mark Lindsay and others to teach Bonhoeffer at the UFT in March (again, its a .pdf link). Maybe next time we can work out how to join forces and have a Bonhoeffer mega-intensive.

4. Later this year (31 July–1 August) the annual Newcastle Bonhoeffer Conference (again a .pdf link) will have the theme ‘Used and Abused: Bonhoeffer for all Causes’. The title should probably have a question mark at the end. I am giving a paper on the use and abuse of Bonhoeffer on the Bible.

5. Finally, Australasian Bonhoeffer scholarship goes from strength to strength and last saw saw the launch of the Australasian Journal of Bonhoeffer Studies. The first volume (no .pdf this time) has a range of excellent articles including one by me on ‘Bonhoeffer and Biblical Interpretation: The Early Years’.