University of Divinity Research Day:

Next Wednesday will see the annual University of Divinity Research Day, hosted here at Pilgrim Theological College /Centre for Theology and Ministry.

The full programme can be seen here, but readers of this blog might be especially interested in the papers being offered in biblical studies, long a strength of the University’s research profile. The following papers may be of interest:

Mark Brett, ‘Roger Williams, Freedom of Religion and Biblical Hermeneutics’ (plenary)

Brendan Byrne, ‘“And so both are preserved” (Matt 9:17c): A Fresh Look at Matthew’s New Wine and New Wineskins’

Grant Buchanan, ‘Blessing, Promise and Spirit in Galatians 3:14: In Dialogue with Difference’

Rosemary Canavan, ‘Investigating the Contribution of Colour to the Rhetography of the Mockery Scenes of the Passion Narratives’

Keith Dyer, ‘Basileia: Kingdom or Empire?’

David Starling, ‘‘A Pathway into the Holy Scripture’: The Psalter as liturgical hermeneutic’

Merry Blair, ‘Was the ‘Order of Melchizedek’ ecumenical? Reading Hebrews 7 as Hebrew poetics’

Kris Sonek, ‘Reading Gen 15:1 with Ancient and Modern Interpreters: Questions of Terminology and Chronology Revisited’

Anne Elvey, ‘Feminist Ecologies in Biblical Interpretation: Elaine Wainwright and the Development of a Multidimensional Hermeneutics’


Dorothy Lee, ‘John, Ethics and Creation’

Chris Monaghan, ‘Whose voice prevails? Jesus’ last words and Lukan Christology’

Oh-Young Kwon, ‘1 Corinthians 8.4-6: An Intercultural Reading from the Political Context of North Korea Today’

Stephen Curkpatrick, ‘Less is more: An phonic responses to parables’