The Impact of Jesus of Nazareth: 2017 Conference

Over the break details have come through of a conference planned for 28–29 September 2017, hosted by the Sydney College of Divinity and the Catholic Institute of Sydney.



The Call for Papers is deliberately open, with the possibility of a published volume as an outcome of the conference. I am toying with a paper proposal that considers the methodological shifts in historical Jesus studies in recent years. Details of the conference theme and CfP are below.


1 thought on “The Impact of Jesus of Nazareth: 2017 Conference”

  1. Thanks, Sean. Had received an earlier notice of this. Must say I agree with the first Twitter, so comment myself: What a boring set of papers looms [apart from Sean’s!]. Who couldn’t prepare a paper relevant to the conference theme? Yes, no fear of CDF butting in. But things would be a bit different if the conference was on ‘What has happened to the impact of Jesus of Nazareth upon the 21st century?’

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