The Strange Dearth of Galaterbrief Commentaries

I am just completing an essay on Galatians. As usual, I have turned to take a look at what German commentaries say about the texts I am exploring (Gal 2:19–21; 5:13–14; 6:2 if you must know), but there is a strange dearth of recent German language commentary writing on Galatians. For 2 Corinthians there is Windisch  (KEK, older but essential), Wolff (THNT), Schmeller (EKK), Gräßer (OTKNT), Klaiber (BotNT), and Klauck (NeueEchter). But with Galatians there is no EKK volume, Mußner (Herder), Vouga (Handkommentar) and Schlier (KEK) are fine but none of these would be classed as major works. Interestingly, those by Mußner and Schlier are both by Roman-Catholics.

Am I missing something? Are there German language commentaries on Galatians that I should be consulting?

2 thoughts on “The Strange Dearth of Galaterbrief Commentaries”

  1. Since Thomas Söding is scheduled to write the EKK commentary, one suggestion would be to consult some of his many essays on Galatians (his full bibliography can be found on his webpage). For example, though I have not yet had a chance to read it, it seems likely to me that the following essay might be relevant for your examination of Gal 2.19-21. Thomas Söding. Vereint mit Christus. Das Geheimnis des Glaubens: Zur paulinischen Mystik, in: Communio 44 (2015) 453-478.

    1. Thank you Wayne. I didn’t know that Söding was writing the EKK. I have been looking at some of his articles including the one you mention, plus his work on the love command.

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