Sanders and Fredriksen, Books and Covers

On the final page of her new book on Paul (just arrived on my desk), Paula Fredriksen writes: ‘E. P. Sanders’s Paul and Palestinian Judais(1977) revolutionised New Testament studies. That great book began the serious academic retrieval of Second Temple Judaism as the defining context, in positive ways, of Paul’s life and work. Thank you, Ed, for your moral summons as well as for your enduring intellectual achievement’ (Paul the Pagans’ Apostle [New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017], 178).

Those words are a fitting tribute in and of themselves to Sanders’ work, published forty years earlier than Fredriksen’s. But am I alone in noting a further tribute, a visual homage to Sanders? Not identical, I know, but is the cover design of the more recent volume intended to evoke that of the earlier?

IMG_0235 copy1507015542