Videos: Jesus in the Gospels (and Paul)

Back in May of last year  I was asked to record some conversations with Darren Wright, exploring the ways that each of the Gospels characterises Jesus in the narrative. But we couldn’t resist also having a chat about the role that the figure of Jesus plays in the Pauline letters.

The conversations were entirely unscripted, and so are more than a little rough around the edges. But Darren has made a good job of editing them to the point where there are some sections that seem to make quite good sense. They are intended to be discussion starters for church groups, not technical discussions of the scholarly issues, although I note with pleasure that I talk at one point about the importance of the category of the idealised human figure (I think the Matthew video), in ways that are broadly consistent with the recent important work by Daniel Kirk (who visited Melbourne last year but whose book, A Man Attested by God, had not yet appeared.)

The videos can be found here.